TrueLearn review of the ACC/AHA Guidelines

ACC Guidelines Quick Summary

2014 ACC/AHA guidelines for non-cardiac surgery notes from TrueLearn

Cardiac event
-MI w/o intervention wait 60 days
-bare metal stent wait 30 days
-drug stent 12 months or 180 days at soonest
-14 days after balloon angio

heart failure
-CHF is higher risk
-signs/symptoms of decompensated heart failure worse

valvular disease
-moderate or greate valvular stenosis or regurg should get an echo within past year, or if any change in clinical status

arrythmias and conduction disorders
-no recs

Pulmonary vascular disease
-pulm htn adds risk
-continue with chronic pulm htn therapy

Adult congenital heart disease
-increases risk, refere to seperate guidelines

Significant arrythmias defined as (high grade av block, mobitz type 2, av block, 3rd degree av block, symptompatic vent arrythmia, Supraventricular arrythmia with uncontrolled ventricular rate, symptomatic brady, new ventricular tachycardia)

Urgency and Risk
-emergency (life/limb threatened) if not in OR within 6 hrs
-Urgent is same as above, but up to 24hrs
-Time-sensitive = delay of 1-6wks can affect outcome (oncology)
-elective = can delay up to 1 yr
-low risk = surgical and patient characteristics predict MACE <1%


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