Insulin Pumps and Infusions

Insulin Action Review!
Insulin Action Review!


Nice quick reference from the Joslin Diabetes Center and Clinic on management of perioperative blood glucose in patients undergoing surgery, a few things to note:

  • Insulin pumps can be maintained at basal rate throughout surgery
  • Maintenance IVF need NOT have dextrose
  • If starting insulin infusion, give fluids with a substrate, e.g. D5W at 40 ml/hr or D10W at 20 ml/hr
  • if MAJOR surgery start infusion and track throughout case (a line)
  • i/o generally check BG every 2hrs
  • 24hr glucose if on infusion should be 50g
  • Protocols vary by institution for bolus/infusion rates, generally follow local guides (this sheet has one)

See: for more details!



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