Carcinoid Triad

Another kind of Triad: The Three Body Problem

Carcinoid Tumors and Anesthesia: Notes from TrueLearn

Carcinoid Tumors: Slow growing, benign, small intestine tumors that can metastasize

Hormonal secreting tumors -> cause cutaneous flushing of head neck and thorax, bronchoconstriction, hypotenion, diarrhea, heart disease

Carcinoid Crisis: triggered by physical/chemical such as histamin release, serotonin, bradykinin

Other triggers include: chemo, tumor necrosis, or succinycholine induced fasciculations!

Anesthestic management: avoid histamine release (succ, atracurium, thiopental, morphine, vancomycin); Desflurane good for patients with liver metastasis as low hepatic metabolism (0.02%); Also the use of NE, epi, Dopamine and isoproternol a/w carcinoid crisis

Carcinoid Heart Disease seen in 60% of patients with carcinoid ->right side:  tricuspid and pulmonic valves (plaque like deposits on valves) with TR as most common finding; 50% of carcinoid deaths are from cardiac involvement

So Carcinoid Triad = flushing, diarrhea and cardiac involvement

Management I/O And Peri-Op:

Carcinoid tumors secrete variety of substances (serotonin, catecholamines, histamine)

Somatostatin therapy is standard of care

Be prepared for rapid BP changes
-alpha/beta blockers for HTN
-Vaso for hypotension, or neo

Avoid: Beta agonists -> increased release of from carinoid !